Thursday, December 8, 2011

$100 Amazon Gift Card Sells for $0.95 - Classified Ad

  Whenever we check our e-mail we have to wade through dozens (even 
hundreds) of product offers.  We see offers of Network marketing 
companies offering  Penny auctions  every once in a while.

The numerous offers of Penny auctions being tossed at us might lead 
to information overload if we try to handle them all. The majority of 
the stuff being offered is rehashed junk, not worth your time and 
effort to think about it.

Occasionally however, there are exceptions We have found an effective 
and well written value proposition describing what you do in terms of time.

A good example of this sort, in the MLM Penny auctions Marketing 
category,  is Zeek Rewards  They are looking for people that will 
post ads promoting their penny auction site in various free online sites.

Zeek Rewards is a 14 year company doing business in over 170 countries. 
They are currently looking for people that will post ads promoting their 
penny auction site in various free online sites.

This first-class product continues to be produced and it is being presented 
by Zeekler as Zeek Rewards which are owned by Lighthouse America. 
The company was established on June 24, 1997.

So what makes Zeek rewards distinctive from, better than the competition? 
It becomes very real in their value proposition. In addition to the Penny 
auctions, there are 5 more ways of making money.

Exactly why are its sales increasing? Generally speaking, what it has 
been doing up to now is Online marketing. To be more specific, there 
are 3 main benefits that differentiate Zeek rewards from its Penny auctions 
competitors, 3 main positive aspects that customers mention in their 
many testimonials. These 3 benefit aspects are:

 So simple anyone can do it!
Your Way To Financial Freedom

If you can copy and paste (or know someone who can) - you can earn 
DAILY cash rewards!

All it takes is 5 minutes a day!

Listed below are the details on each:

Start free or a choice of 3 up grades as per your Choice!

Five minutes per day in the Penny auction section section.

Six ways of making money.

O.K. So that's the positive side. What exactly is there on the negative 
side for Zeek rewards ? What are the weaknesses?

Probably the biggest limitation is Prospects understanding and believing 
the operation. Some make the statement, I can't believe it..

Finally, Zeek rewards is apparently worth it. Lots of customers appear 
to have made the judgment that it is well worth its cost. It would likely be 
a very worthwhile investment for anyone in need of just what it does. It is 
certainly worth the effort to take a closer look at it, maybe try it out. You 
can view more information at: Click Here

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